Emberblade Cover Reveal!

The gods answer to no one. Kole Reyna plans to change that.

When a war between ancient Sages threatens the world, Kole resolves to kill them once and for all. Not just for the Emberfolk he has sworn to protect, but for the mother he lost at the Sages’ corrupt hands.

As the need for vengeance threatens to consume him, Kole struggles to control his inner fire, the fiercest flames to burn within an Ember warrior in generations.

With his people hanging on the precipice, he must discover the limits of the one power he fears above all else.

His own.

Emberblade releases March 8, 2021, and is available now for pre-order.

Audio is soon to follow, narrated by Peter Kenny, voice of The Witcher Saga.

What do Kole of Last Lake and Geralt of Rivia Have in Common?


After hinting a few months back, I am pleased to announce that The Landkist Saga has been signed by Monolith Books, a new Epic Fantasy and Sci-Fi imprint from the founders of Portal Books in the UK. The news was even announced by Publisher’s Weekly! So that was kind of surreal/bizarre for me.

The Landkist Saga has been a labor of love for me, and the team at Monolith Books is putting their all into the re-release of the series, with Books 1-5 undergoing some rewrites and new edits to bring them all up to snuff, while the as-yet-unwritten Books 6-7 will be produced from the ground up with Monolith.

Additionally, all seven novels will release with brand new cover artwork … and perhaps the most exciting bit of news is that The Landkist Saga will be getting brand new audiobook editions narrated by one of the top voice talents in the world in Peter Kenny!

That means Kole Reyna of Last Lake, Talmir Caru of Hearth and the Landkist cast is going to share a voice actor with Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg from The Witcher Saga.

Look for the all-new Book 1 to release in the spring of 2021 (like, early enough spring as to be considered winter,) with sequels to follow closely on its heels. Another thank you to all of the readers who made Landkist the independent success it has been, and made this deal possible in the first place.

Landkist is in good hands.

Sword Punk Launch!


Monolith Books has released my new Cyberpunk Martial Arts novel, Sword Punk: Saving Seoul.

And yes, this is totally the mystery side project I’ve been teasing for months.

When I originally pitched this series as “Daredevil meets Bloodsport meets Street Fighter meets Akira,” I was mildly surprised that they actually said yes. Early feedback is quite strong. If you’re looking for a fun, funny, occasionally brutal action sci-fi romp in the style of an 80s action thriller, you’re going to like Sword Punk. 

The Kindle edition is currently available on Amazon. And the team at Soundbooth Theater will be releasing the audio edition (with a whole dang cast of professional actors, synthwave music and sound effects,) soon!

The Future of Landkist

The Landkist Saga as we know it is officially going into hibernation for the winter.

Writing, producing and promoting this series has been a rewarding, challenging and never boring experience over the last four years, but opportunity has knocked, and I look forward to seeing what this elemental epic can do on a bigger stage. 

Being an epic fantasy writer constantly trying to improve his craft while spinning a 7-book epic that will surpass 1.5 million words when all is said and done is challenging enough. Doing so as an independent publisher increases that challenge by many orders of magnitude. 

Luckily, Landkist’s potential for growth has not gone unnoticed, neither by my modest and growing reader base nor by … other parties. 😉

This isn’t the end for Landkist. It’s a new beginning. To all of my Landkist readers who’ve made the series the independent success it has been, thank you for your support!

To all the readers I have yet to ensnare into my Western Miyazaki-esque clutches … We’re coming for you.

Additional details to follow! 

Special thanks to artists Aaron Nakahara and Sebastian Kowoll for bringing my original vision of Landkist’s elemental heroes (and sorcerous villains) to life.

And thanks to Editor Extraordinaire Laura M. Hughes for making my wurds gud!

The Forever Night is Coming!

The Forever Night Ebook Cover

The last Sage is dying.

After a titanic battle fought among the frozen waves of the north, the War of Sages has come to an end. But as the heroes of the Valley have discovered, the centuries-long conflict between immortals was little more than a prelude.

In the wake of Queen Elanil’s folly, the World Apart has come in force, bringing with it the fury of a dark and vengeful god. The horizon is a ruin. Oceans burn. Last Lake shimmers and shivers under an assault the likes of which the Emberfolk have never seen before.

While the peoples of the world attempt to weather the war that was foretold,  Kole, Linn and the heroes of the Valley limp toward the broken lands of the south in the company of the man the Emberfolk have long held up as their greatest enemy.

The last Sage is dying.

And with him, the last hope for the world.

The Forever Night touches down on Amazon Kindle and paperback on March 2 2020, with audio to follow.



ALSO … if you’ll remember, Landkist has been unavailable on Amazon for a few weeks. That’s because, in addition to striking a fairly complicated deal that will see the series re-produced with new audiobook editions, I decided to give the whole series a bit of a punch-up.

The Forever Night ushers in the Landkist 2nd Edition run, with enhanced cover art and an all-new version of Book 1. Same story, better prose. If you’re new to Landkist, now is a great time to jump in.


Landkist Update

Landkist Bundle V2 2D-site

The Landkist Saga has been pulled down from Amazon in all formats today in preparation for a major relaunch.

In addition to an overhaul to the prose/writing of Book 1 to make it better fit in with the style, lore and worldbuilding of the sequels, the covers will be getting a visual punch-up (especially Book 3.)

So, when Landkist returns from its brief hiatus, it will do so in its best condition, and with the release of the long-in-development Book 5 just around the corner.

Stay tuned for updates!

Landkist Saga Update

Landkist Bundle V2 2D-site

Not a ton to report here, other than to say work continues in earnest on Landkist 5, which is now my primary creative focus. The plan for the series has expanded from five novels to six (with a special surprise in between.) I envision Book 5 as the Infinity War to Book 6’s Endgame. My expected publication date for Book 5 has been pushed from Spring/Summer to Fall, 2019. But it WILL be out this year. Good news is, I’m planning on a much quicker turnaround for Book 6.

Things are starting to come together nicely, and I’m feeling pretty good about my new writing pace.

Book 5 should challenge The Frostfire Sage in terms of length.

In other news, I recently took some time to go through Valley of Embers, the first book in the ongoing Landkist Saga, and give it some TLC.

While the story that kicked off the series has remained largely unchanged, the writing has been punched up. Overall, my approach to the revised/2nd edition was all about clarity. In addition to fleshed-out description and character motivations, I sprinkled some more Landkist lore throughout the narrative. While I’ve become something closer to a plotter than a pantser in my last two novels, Valley of Embers was largely written in an exploratory manner.

My intent with the 2nd Edition was to update both the prose and some details of the narrative to better fit in with the evolution of the series.

If you’re new to Landkist, now is a great time to jump in!

Aquaman Was … a Lot


The term “guilty pleasure” gets tossed around a bit too much these days in the realm of entertainment. In my view, if a piece of entertainment, well, entertains you, there’s nothing to be guilty of.

Still, I understand where the term comes from, and a movie like Aquaman is virtually begging to be crowned as one of the best recent examples. It’s a movie a lot of people like, even while those same people acknowledge undeniable narrative flaws.

Some love Aquaman. Some hate it. I find myself floating somewhere in between the surface-level writing and the likable characters and the labrynthian world they inhabit.

Read on for my full breakdown, which separates The Packaging with The Writing to try to make sense of what works and what doesn’t in the latest attempt to right the ship that is the DC Extended Universe.

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