Emberblade Cover Reveal!

The gods answer to no one. Kole Reyna plans to change that.

When a war between ancient Sages threatens the world, Kole resolves to kill them once and for all. Not just for the Emberfolk he has sworn to protect, but for the mother he lost at the Sages’ corrupt hands.

As the need for vengeance threatens to consume him, Kole struggles to control his inner fire, the fiercest flames to burn within an Ember warrior in generations.

With his people hanging on the precipice, he must discover the limits of the one power he fears above all else.

His own.

Emberblade releases March 8, 2021, and is available now for pre-order.

Audio is soon to follow, narrated by Peter Kenny, voice of The Witcher Saga.

6 thoughts on “Emberblade Cover Reveal!

  1. Jane

    I bought the first five books in the Landkist Saga, and have been waiting for the sixth book. What’s going on? I was led to believe it was coming out in 2021.


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