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There are plenty of quality editors out there, but there aren’t as many specialists.  

If you’ve had a look around, you’ll see that I’m a published author of an ongoing elemental epic fantasy series, a cyberpunk martial arts thriller and even a superhero LitRPG. While I started out as a self-published author, having been a Semi-Finalist in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO Competition and a Finalist for Reddit Fantasy’s Stabby Award for Best Independent Novel, I’ve since been picked up by a traditional SFF Publishing House out of the UK. In short, Genre fiction is my thing, and since I often find that I need to recharge the creative juices between my own projects, helping other authors beef up their manuscripts is a great way to keep the SFF brain engaged while remaining productive.

In addition to being a published author of eight novels and counting, I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English Literature. I’m a fast and accurate reader, and I’m also task-oriented, which means I’ll prioritize getting your manuscript read and critiqued or edited on a reasonable timeline, should I accept your project.

(Please keep in mind, I reserve the right to refuse a particular project if I feel the subject matter and tone is not a fit for my expertise, or if the sample chapter represents work that is far from a publishable state.)

Services below …

Epic Critique

Includes one full readthrough of your Sci-Fi or Fantasy manuscript.

Sometimes, before you’re ready for a full edit, you just want an unbiased reader to give you a more detailed and objective breakdown of your novel than your friends or family can reliably provide.

As part of this service, I will read your entire Sci-Fi or Fantasy manuscript to completion, with a particular focus on writing style, plot, character and worldbuilding. Instead of a full edit, you will receive a write-up detailing the good and the “needs work” from the perspective of an established epic fantasy author to help give you that final push toward the finish line.

My report will break down your approach to writing style, POV, plot, character and worldbuilding, with recommendations for changes and adaptations as you gear up for a partial re-write or deep edit.

Pricing = $0.0075/word. (A 100k-word manuscript = $750)

Epic Proof

Includes one full readthrough of your Sci-Fi or Fantasy manuscript.

A full proofread in the traditional sense of the word.

As part of this service, I will perform a close proofread of your manuscript, finding and correcting issues with regards to typos, spelling, grammar, punctuation and obvious formatting and continuity errors.

 Pricing = $0.0075/word. (A 100k-word manuscript = $750)

Epic Edit

Includes one full readthrough of your Sci-Fi or Fantasy manuscript.

In addition to a full proofread of your manuscript, I will also check for consistency of style, flag overused words, phrases and awkward language, and most importantly, ensure that your prose is clear and readable throughout. I will suggest changes and amendments in the form of comments throughout the manuscript.

 Pricing = $0.01/word. (A 100k-word manuscript = $1,000)

Epic Combo Discount

Includes two full readthroughs of your Sci-Fi or Fantasy manuscript.

The Epic Combo includes both an Epic Critique and an Epic Edit, resulting in a 25% discount to the normal cost of the Epic Edit.

Note that you do *NOT* need to commit to the Epic Combo ahead of time to get a discount should you return for an Epic Edit after your Epic Critique.

Pricing = $0.015/word. (A 100k-word manuscript = $1,500)

To inquire as to availability and fit, please Email author@stevenkelliher.com with the details of your project, a plot synopsis, and include a Word doc of the first chapter of your manuscript.