Series Overview

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The Landkist Saga is an epic Fantasy series inspired by some combination of the animated masterworks of Hayao Miyazaki, Avatar: The Last Airbender and my own dark fantasy bent.

Populated by powerful elemental warriors, strange enemies and sprawling, dangerous landscapes, the world of the Landkist Saga is constantly-expanding. While there are visually-stunning battles, life-and-death struggles and continent-spanning events, the core of the narrative revolves around characters and the human choices they make.

Where those choices may lead them is anyone’s guess. Some days … even mine.

The plan is to finish the core narrative in seven novels, with an eventual prequel and sequel series possible depending on reader interest.

(The Landkist Saga: Books 1-5 were originally published from 2016 – 2020. After signing with Monolith Books in 2020, The Landkist Saga went into hibernation in order to allow for the production of Monolith’s new and improved editions, including audiobook production. Landkist will return better than ever in 2021.)