Saving Seoul

Saving Seoul Cover Ebook

Akio Prince is one of the best in the world at a dying art.

He’s put a lifetime of martial arts training to work in the arena, dueling with pulsing resin blades and glowing carbon fiber for the masses. But winning championships is small consolation while his city is taken over by the Hachinin, ruthless criminals spreading corruption, violence and debauchery across the east.

When the same syndicate that claimed the life of Akio’s master threatens the few friends he has left, he decides to make a stand.

After refusing to throw a fight at the behest of the city’s kingpin, Akio enters a dangerous game of hunter and hunted—a bloody revenge tour that will push him to his limits and put his martial skills to the ultimate test.

In the near-future far-east, where heroes are hard to find, Akio discovers that a little bad might do a world of good.