Double Cover Reveal!

Hello Freak Fantasy Savages!

The Monolith Books edition of The Frostfire Sage (The Landkist Saga Book 4) launches today!

And as a double whammy, we’re also revealing the cover for The Forever Night (The Landkist Saga Book 5.)

Thank you to Petrik Leo for hosting the reveal on, where you can read more about the series. 

I think Assassin’s Creed artist Pierre Raveneau did an incredible job bringing two of the most powerful Landkist characters to life: T’Alon Rane aka. The King of Ember and Ray Valour aka. The Eastern Dark. 

Books 6 and 7 will be coming by mid-2022, and I can announce that everyone’s favorite archer-turned-super Sage Linn Ve’Ran will be featured on the next cover. 

Pick up The Landkist Saga today!

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