Updates Galore!

Just wanted to drop in for some general updates on the writing front. 

First of all, the relaunched relaunch of The Landkist Saga is going well, with Books 1-3 currently out in the wild with their shiny new covers. Books 1-2 are currently available in Audio, read by The Witcher Saga’s Peter Kenny. Kenny is also recording Book 3 as we speak, so look for The Midnight Dunes audiobook to drop within the next month or two.

As for Books 4-5, we’re likely going to be looking at an accelerated launch window for them, with The Frostfire Sage scheduled for July and The Forever Night for September.

As for audio on Books 4-5, we’re probably going to be taking a pause for a while to see how things go with the first three before getting Peter back into the booth for the meatiest of the Landkist tomes.

As for the two-part grand finale, my ambitious goal would be to get Book 6 out by the end of the year, with Book 7 landing in the first half of next year to end the series. Writing on Book 6 hasn’t started yet, but the outlines are in solid shape. It’s possible both of these will hit next year, but if they do, the goal will be to release them back-to-back, as I know a lot of my OG Landkist fans have been patiently waiting for them.

In addition to Landkist, the runaway success that is Mastermind will see its long-awaited sequel touch down when Immortal hits in September. This one is going to have a simultaneous ebook-audio release, and while I don’t have the final cover, above is a sneak peak of the artwork.

This one was a LOT of fun to write, even if it took a while. It’s longer and more complex than Book 1, and given how that one ended, I think readers will be pleasantly surprised by the directions this one takes Karna, Starshot, Blackstrike and our favorite virtual villains in.

I’m going to be staying in the Titan Online world a bit longer before returning to Landkist. As I said above, I want to write Landkist 6-7 back-to-back, so I thought it only made sense to finish off Titan Online in the same manner.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about Sword Punk! It’s just going to have to wait its turn.

Until the next update!

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