Immortal is Here!

Titan Online returns!

Two years after the surprise (to me) success of Mastermind, the virtual comic book world of Titan Online returns with Immortal.

In Book 1, we saw Karna enter the game world with a villainous origin story for the first time and tangle with its most powerful hero. Now, readers get to see how he fares against its most cunning villain.

For those who enjoyed Mastermind, I know it’s been a LONG wait for Book 2. The bottom line is, I’ve been splitting writing time between three series, so this one got put on the backburner for a while, but the good news is twofold: I’m already working on Book 3, so the turnaround should be much faster for that one, and I’ve structured this series so the first two books are satisfying reads with emphatic endings (which a look at reviews on Amazon will confirm for you.) There’s a big overarching narrative that culminates in Book 3, but I tend to write each book in three-act structures rather than episodically.


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