Landkist Saga Audiobook Giveaway!

Greetings from Cape Cod!

My publisher has informed me that we’ve got a BUNCH of Landkist Saga audiobook codes, which will allow you to add the books to your Audible Library for free. 

I’ve got codes for Books 1-3, Valley of Embers, The Emerald Blade and The Midnight Dunes. 

What I’d like to do is give up to ten subscribers ALL THREE audiobooks.

This is about 50 hours of audio content narrated by the incredible Peter Kenny!

The only catch is, I’d like to offer the audio codes to new members of the Kelliher Review Team. Being an active member of the Kelliher Review Team will ensure you receive ALL future Kelliher books at or before release in Ebook format in exchange for ratings and reviews on Amazon.

If you’d like to be considered for the review codes, please use the Contact Form on the web site to reach out with the subject line, “Review Team,” and we’ll get rolling!

(Please note that I have audio codes for the US and UK Audible stores.)

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