Valley of Embers Rated, Well, Underrated!

In a welcome surprise, Valley of Embers has been voted by r/Fantasy members as one of the most underread and underrated fantasy books in recent years.

It may seem like something of a dubious honor, but it shows we’re heading in the right direction.

Thanks to all who voted.

See the full list here.

2 thoughts on “Valley of Embers Rated, Well, Underrated!

  1. Meagan Ober

    At first it was a slow read to begin, but the words are beautifully put together and soon, the time spent introducing the premise of the story and main characters was well worth it. I just finished book 3 and this series is underrated. I laugh with the character’s follies. I cringe while the battles rage, cheering on my Landkist. I cry and mourn characters I’ve grown to love as they live up to their namesake and far beyond. The books are cohesive and I suggest if at first it seems a slow start, it’s well worth your time.


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