Audiobook Deal!


Pleased to announce I have officially signed with Podium Publishing to produce the audiobook versions of The Landkist Saga.

Podium is the award-winning audio producer behind Andy Weir’s The Martian and some of the bestselling Independent authors in the genre, and routinely propel their Fantasy and Sci-Fi catalogue to the top of the bestsellers charts. They are known for high production values, innovative marketing and they have been extremely pleasant to deal with early into our business relationship.

Production timelines and release date TBA. Let the casting begin!

Violence for Violence’ Sake, or … Why Fight?


There have been some recent discussions about the reasons—or lack thereof—for writing scenes of intense violence, specifically in the fantasy genre, which is ostensibly (but not really) about escaping the real world.

“What’s the point?” readers ask. “Why continue with such a reprehensible character?” “What does it say about me as a reader to keep on this path?”

If you don’t gravitate toward dark or violent subject matter, this is not an entreaty to toss aside your moral convictions or your personal entertainment palette to go down that road. But there are reasons writers explore these themes that have nothing to do with entertainment or shock.

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Why Kole and Linn Don’t, You Know, Bang


I’ve come across numerous threads — on reddit and beyond — wherein readers have asked fellow Fantasy fans to recommend series either with or (usually) without gratuitous amounts of romance, or, for lack of a better term (and because it’s funnier) banging.

Naturally, this caused me to sit back and wonder where Valley of Embers fit on the scale of romance-full to romance-less, and everything that comes along with that. I realized pretty quickly that Embers is fairly romance-less, and I thought it was strange that I had to think about it for more than an instant in the first place, seeing as I wrote the damn thing.

So, after some thinking, allow me to try to explain why my two co-leads (a man and a woman) do not become romantically involved in the core narrative of the story.

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That Movie You Like That Made a Ton of Money Is a Failure: Here’s Why


I kind of hated Suicide Squad. 

So, that’s a little something about me and my movie tastes, but it’s beside the point. The merciless critic bashing on the new run of DC movies—particularly Batman v. Superman and the aforementioned Squad—and the misguided fan backlash toward said critics has really started to grate on me for one reason above all others: audiences have no idea what makes a movie successful, and they have no idea what constitutes a cinematic failure.

In brief, I’m going to try to explain why that movie you may have liked—but which, contrary to various ill-advised petitions—was not well-liked by the majority, is being called a failure even as it rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars.

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