The Future of Landkist

The Landkist Saga as we know it is officially going into hibernation for the winter.

Writing, producing and promoting this series has been a rewarding, challenging and never boring experience over the last four years, but opportunity has knocked, and I look forward to seeing what this elemental epic can do on a bigger stage. 

Being an epic fantasy writer constantly trying to improve his craft while spinning a 7-book epic that will surpass 1.5 million words when all is said and done is challenging enough. Doing so as an independent publisher increases that challenge by many orders of magnitude. 

Luckily, Landkist’s potential for growth has not gone unnoticed, neither by my modest and growing reader base nor by … other parties. 😉

This isn’t the end for Landkist. It’s a new beginning. To all of my Landkist readers who’ve made the series the independent success it has been, thank you for your support!

To all the readers I have yet to ensnare into my Western Miyazaki-esque clutches … We’re coming for you.

Additional details to follow! 

Special thanks to artists Aaron Nakahara and Sebastian Kowoll for bringing my original vision of Landkist’s elemental heroes (and sorcerous villains) to life.

And thanks to Editor Extraordinaire Laura M. Hughes for making my wurds gud!

2 thoughts on “The Future of Landkist

    1. Hey Joe. The Landkist Saga has been signed by a new publisher, and will be re-released throughout 2021-22, with new covers and titles, editing, etc. That’s why the old editions are no longer available.

      However, please Email me using the contact form on the site so we can connect.


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